Simple pancake recipe - Clumber Hotel chef shows off his flipping skill!

FLIPPING ‘eck! It’s that time of year again...Pancake Day.

This Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, also known in some parts of the world as Mardi Gras.

On this day, which is the last day before the period of Lent begins in the Christian calendar, pancakes are traditionally eaten in people’s homes.

This is to empty households of ingredients not eaten during the fasting that occurs in Lent, which lasts up until Easter. These ingredients are flour, milk, butter and eggs.

But the big question is - how do you eat yours? Traditionally, lemon and sugar are used for a topping, but some people prefer orange. And what about the sweet and savoury debate?

However you have yours, take a look at this video featuring Allan Barratt, head chef at Clumber Park Hotel, as he cooks the perfect pancake.