Signalised Rose Cottage junction reopened

A BUSY road junction which has seen 11 accidents over the past five and half years – three of them serious – has reopened after a £360,000 scheme to install traffic lights.

The junction of the A614 with the B6034, north of Rufford Abbey – commonly known as the Rose Cottage junction – was identified as a problem site by Nottinghamshire County Council’s accident investigation unit in 2008.

In addition to the high rate of accidents at the junction, traffic attempting to join the A614 from the B6034 side road also suffered substantial delays with an average waiting time of more than two minutes during the morning peak.

“The County Council had been keen to signalise the Rose Cottage junction for some time,” said Coun Richard Jackson, chairman of the council’s transport and highways committee.

“The A614 is a major route into Nottingham from the north of the county and as such carries high volumes of traffic, especially during the morning and evening rush hours.

“This upgrade to the junction should drastically reduce the number of accidents at this particular location, as well as helping to improve traffic flow and ease frustration for motorists trying to join the A614 from the side road.

“The improved junction will also give a boost to the local economy by improving access to local tourist attractions such as Rufford Country Park and Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre.”

Work began at the junction in October. The lights came into operation yesterday, Saturday, 23rd February.