‘Shoplifters in Sutton are being watched’ police chiefs warn

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Police officers have stepped up their patrols to tackle Shoplifters in Sutton.

A specially ‘wrapped’ police van will be used by officers in the town during Christmas.

The huge magnetic wrap, with striking visual graphics, has converted the vehicle into a ‘mobile billboard’, with wording to deter would-be thieves who may target Ashfield retailers.

The tactic supports a joint operation currently underway in Sutton between police and shopkeepers and follows the introduction of floor prints in the town centre with similar warning messages.

“We are combating a recent increase in shoplifting in Sutton and Kirkby,” said local Inspector Andy Jackson.

“We have additional PCSO beat patrols, undercover operations underway and are using the Storenet radio system, working closely with retail security to identify and catch offenders.”

The magnetic wrap is one of six that will be introduced in the coming months, each with a different focus such as drugs awareness, domestic violence and the fatal four – drink driving, not buckling up, speeding and using a mobile behind the wheel –the top reasons for road deaths.

Partnership Plus has provided the funding for all six wraps to support crime reduction initiatives in Ashfield.