Shocking video shows how quickly a child's Halloween costume can go up in flames

A shocking video released by Nottinghamshire Fire Service shows just how quickly a child's Halloween costume can go up in flames.

Halloween Costume
Halloween Costume

The video was shared by the fire service to warn parents to keep their children away from naked flames.

A statement on Nottinghamshire Fire Service's website said: "This is why it is important to take extra care while at home, and while out trick or treating to make sure that you and your children stay away from all naked flames."

Here are some of Nottinghamshire Fire Service's other tips for a treat-filled Halloween:

If you're buying a last-minute costume, or if you already have one, look for the CE mark and only buy products from reputable outlets.

If you're making your own costume, avoid using flammable materials like bin liners, as these can also catch fire easily.

Keep candles and other naked flames away from items that could catch fire, including costumes, and always keep candles out of reach from children.

Pumpkins are all part of the fun of Halloween and it is good to consider replacing candles with battery powered alternatives.

If you're with someone whose costumes catches fire, our advice is for them to 'stop, drop and roll' to stop the fire spreading, and call 999 immediately.