Shock figures show cyclists injured daily

Picture to illustrate story on cyclists injured on Chesterfield Road North
Picture to illustrate story on cyclists injured on Chesterfield Road North

Shock new figures show that a cyclist is injured almost every day on roads across the county.

Nottinghamshire Police released the statistics which showed three people were killed last year and 74 seriously injured. In total 332 were injured - just short of one incident every day.

A cyclist died in August in Mansfield Woodhouse after it was in collision with a car.

Another man was seriously injured earlier this month in Mansfield.

Owner of On Yer Bike, in Mansfield Woodhouse, and cyclist Craig Edwards thought the solution to all these accidents was more bike lanes.

He said: “There are odd sections of lanes but not enough to actually take you on a route anywhere.

“If we had more bike lanes cyclists and drivers would have their own space.

“Another problem is that cars also park in bike lanes which means cyclists have to ride in the road to avoid the build up of traffic.”

“The council should put in more substantial bike lanes to encourage cyclists and make the roads safer.”

There are no mandatory cycle lanes in the area due to costs.

Police said that responsibility for accidents were with both motorists and cyclists.

Andrew Charlton, Chief Insp for roads policing at Nottinghamshire Police, said: “All road users have a responsibility for looking out for one another to help make our roads a safer place to travel.

“By vehicle drivers and cyclists being more aware and adjusting their driving or cycling to accommodate one another, this will dramatically reduce the number of cyclists injured on Nottinghamshire’s roads.”