Shock as 'beautiful tree lined entrance' at Thoresby Park cut down

A Thoresby Park visitor said she was shocked to find a “beautiful tree lined entrance” chopped down.

Dawn Fisher, who has walked her dog Fritz with her husband James at the park on Netherfield Lane for the last six years, said they were enjoying the cherry trees in full blossom earlier this year.

The trees in front of the hall.

The trees in front of the hall.

The large trees lined one of the entrances to Thoresby Hall Hotel, which a spokeswoman for the estate said had become “oversized and potentially dangerous”.

Mrs Fisher, aged 58, who is having some time off work after owning her own letting business, said she thinks the trees should have been protected and not chopped down.

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The Bothamsall resident said: “I just think it’s a shame.

The trees .

The trees .

“I believe it was the main entrance to the hall many years ago and people who stay in the hotel often go out and take a picture of the hall from that angle.

“We have not been back since we saw them being cut down but I imagine they are just stumps now.

“I don’t know what their intention is, they were quite big trees.

“It just seems a shame to chop them down willy-nilly.

“Surely they must have been protected – we took beautiful pictures of them when they were in full bloom.”

She said she counted 12 trees being chopped down on Friday, July 5.

And, she contacted Bassetlaw District Council who confirmed that there was no protection order on the threes.

The estate has said the trees were not part of the architect Anthony Salvin’s original design for Thoresby Hall when it was built around 1863.

The parkland surrounding the hall is grade I listed parkland.

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Katie Stretton, office manager for the Thoresby Estate, said that the trees were “short lived”. She said: “We carryout regular tree safety inspections across the estate and the cherry tree avenue in front of the hall was deemed a risk to public safety in this busy area of the estate.

“These short lived trees have become oversized and potentially dangerous in adverse weather conditions.

“Should any of the tree branches fall they could cause a serious accident to members of the public so they were removed last week on health and safety grounds.”