Shirebrook road safety improved

A month-long operation to help improve road safety in Shirebook has led to a drop in the number of uninsured vehicles in the area and seven vehicles being seized.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 7th May 2014, 6:07 pm

The Derbyshire Police operation was set up after concerns were raised about unlicensed vehicles bringing people to and from work in the area.

Most of the vehicles and their passengers were from outside the UK and they were often overcrowded.

Prior to the enforcement action, leaflets were produced in several different languages to educate drivers from outside the UK about laws on licenses and insurance.

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Inspector Frank Burns, who is responsible for policing in Shirebrook, said: “The operation has helped to reduce the number of overcrowded and un-roadworthy vehicles in the area and at the same time enabled us to build relationships with members of the community.

“It has also provided opportunities for closer partnership working to continue to look for ways to improve the local community for everyone.”

Following the enforcement action, bus companies travelling to and from the area noticed an almost 200 per cent rise in passenger numbers.

Further operations to help maintain road safety in the area will take place in the coming months.

There was also advice regarding local bus services for workers arriving in the area.

A month of action then took place during March when a total of 95 cars were stopped and seven were seized.

Four of the drivers were found to have no insurance and three didn’t have UK driving licenses.

Officers also dealt with other offences including defects on the cars as well as drivers using mobile phones and not wearing seatbelts.

A number of the cars stopped during the later weeks of the operation had recently insured their vehicle or got a UK driving licence.

On one route, average passenger numbers rose from around 30 per day to more than 100.