Shirebrook residents call for action over flash floods

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FED-UP residents in Shirebrook are demanding action to stop the flash-flooding that threatens their homes every time there is a heavy summer downpour.

A number of homes on Springfield Avenue have their gardens flooded whenever there is torrential rain because the water cannot drain away quickly enough.

Jennifer Taylor, who lives on the street with her partner, said it has been happening for years but never been sorted despite many complaints.

“There’s not been a summer that we have not had a flood,” said Jennifer (57).

“All the council is doing is sending sandbags out. Every year they promise it won’t happen again and say they are sorting the drains out.”

Jennifer said the flood water is often more than knee deep, meaning people cannot get in or out of their house.

Water sometimes even gets inside the house - causing damage to flooring - and it leaves rubbish and smelly silt all over the garden.

Jennifer added: “I am just so sick of asking for help and not getting anywhere.”

A Derbyshire County Council spokesman said it had increased the number of gullies on the street to drain water away from the road into Severn Trent’s sewer.

“We can’t find any problems with our gullies and have already made Severn Trent aware of the problem but will contact them to raise the issue again,” she said.

Severn Trent confirmed it will be working with the council to get to the bottom of the problem before deciding the next steps to take.