Shirebrook pupils take on swim fundraiser challenge

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Swimming the English Channel is a tough challenge – but it is one that the pupils of Stubbin Wood School in Shirebrook are taking on in the name of fundraising.

Starting on Sunday (7th April) pupils and staff are taking to their new hydrotherapy pool to swim the 2,816 lengths it will take to clock up 21 miles.

Nathan Webber, the pool manager, said the whole school were looking forward to getting started.

He said: “We’re giving ourselves just a week to complete the total number of laps. We were going to do it over a longer period of time, but we just want to get it done and accept the challenge.

“It’s a lot to ask, but we know that our pupils can do it, they’re all really excited and can’t wait to get started.

“It’s a big ask as it all has to be done on top of school lessons but we are all very focused and determined.”

Nathan said that fundraising was a great way to make sure all the students got to know the pool – while raising money for the school’s Namibia trip in the summer.

Pupils from Stubbin Wood are travelling to the African country along with students from Shirebrook Academy – and three other schools in the district - and have to raise all the money themselves.

Stubbin Wood has to raise £10,000 to be able to go – and they are hoping a big chunk of the money will be from the sponsored swim.

While there the pupils will be helping install a new playground at a residential school before trekking into the desert for four days and nights.

Nathan said: “As we are an SEN school, we want to involve all the children who want to get involved.

“Some children aren’t able get into the pool so even if some youngsters walk the length of the pool, or are pushed in their wheelchairs, we’re counting that towards the total too.

“We will be keeping a tally of all the children who take part, and how many lengths they have done so at the end everyone knows how many they’ve done.

“If someone’s done ten, great, if someone’s done 50, great. It’s all helping us get to the total and we want everyone to know what they’ve contributed.”