Shirebrook man blasts online florist for 'ruining Mother's Day' - with £42 bouquet of 'half-dead looking roses'

Jason Knight with the flowers.
Jason Knight with the flowers.

A Shirebrook man has blasted an online florist for "ruining" Mother's Day - after claiming he ordered a £42 bouquet that only came with SEVEN flowers.

Jason Knight, 24, bought the large bunch of roses and lilies on the internet but was left stunned when he opened the delivery to find just a handful of blooms.

The bouquet had just seven flowers.

The bouquet had just seven flowers.

He had ordered the gift, along with a vase, from Prestige Flowers on February 25 for £42.48 to give to his partner's mum Debra McCahill, 55.

But the warehouse worker said he was left fuming when the opened the "ridiculous" bouquet on Sunday to find a few "half-dead looking" roses.

Jason is now demanding a refund from the company, which offers a "one hundred per cent satisfaction guarantee" on their website.

He said: "It's absolutely ridiculous what I've spent on those flowers.

The Prestige Flowers website

The Prestige Flowers website

"There's seven flowers for about £40 - I'd have thought it'd be a lot larger and it was a pretty lacklustre effort by the florists.

"They sent me an email saying they have sent a medium - but that's not right because its not a medium either. On the site even the small bouquets look bigger than this.

"I bought a vase with it for £5.99, the total was £37.48 plus £5 delivery and then you get this completely uninspiring bouquet. A child could have done better.

"I ordered them a couple of weeks ago and they arrived on Mother's Day- but you don't want to be given that.

"Its about £6 a flower and the roses look half dead.

"It's the first time I've used this company and I wont be ordering from them again.

"You probably get more from a supermarket or petrol station, you can get a lot more for under £20.

"It just ruined Mother's Day to be honest, it's just ridiculous - I just couldn't bring myself to give the flowers to my mother-in-law.

"I've boxed them back up and I'm trying to get them sent back. I want a full refund and I won't be bothering with them again.

"If you compare the pictures on their website to what I received - it is clearly false advertising. I was very angry."