Shirebrook community news

Shirebrook Methodist Church - Sunday week’s evening worship and Holy Communion were led by Rev Bob Jones. He spoke about relationships of different kinds and the importance of truth, honesty and restoring good relationships in all that we do. Readers were Sue Hall and Noreen Maynard. Steward was Robert Fennell. Refreshments were served after the service.

Salvatation Army - Maj Joy Caddy, Adult and Family Ministries Officer from Divisional Headquarters, Nottingham visited the Home League members meeting yesterday week. Maj Caddy spoke about the Salvation Army’s work in the anti-trafficking of adults and children. Members also listened to music, had Bible readings and shared refreshments. Buddies playgroup meeting on Thursday week was organised and led by Maj Ina Neill, Dorothy Plant and Diane Cooper. A fashion show by ‘SOS Fashions’ was held on Thursday week evening. Refreshments were served. Jean Leadbeater welcomed members of the Sunshine Club to a special Valentine’s Day meeting with romantic music and where iced buns and love hearts were served. Maj Neill organised a special Valentine’s Day dinner on Saturday week evening. Guests took part in a ‘Mr and Mrs’ style game. The sermon at the Sunday week Salvation meeting was led by Maj Neill. The Messengers group members sang and the congregation sang original Salvation Army songs.

Tuesday Dance - Dancers were welcomed to Shirebrook Miners Welfare Social Centre yesterday week by Mrs M. Blakemore. Mrs M. Goodall organised and led the dancing. Mr P. Goodall provided the music.

Christian Centre - Maggie Morris and Richard Gray welcomed visitors to three recent ‘Nite-Lite’ drop in sessions. A committee meeting for Churches Together was held on Thursday week evening. Anthony Lyons organised and led a numeracy and literacy workshop on Wednesday week. The Coffee Brooke café was open on Thursday week and Friday week mornings. All welcome. Pastor P. Hellewell led PUSH (Pray Until Something Happens) on Thursday week and the Sunday week celebration meeting when he took as his title, ‘Christian clothing. Are you in fashion?’ Mrs A. M. Hellewell, Tracey Engyel and Amanda Pell led the worship.

Keep Fit Club - Mrs K. Lindsay welcomed Mesdames C. Benson, S. Creswell, D. Stevenson, D. Wake, J. Charlesworth and G. Mee to Shirebrook Village Hall yesterday week for line dancing and gentle exercise to music. Birthday cards were presented to Gill Mee and Chris Benson.

Chit Chat Club - Mrs D. Gough welcomed members and collected subscriptions at yesterday week’s members meeting at Shirebrook Village Hall. Members played bingo with caller Maureen Gough and held a raffle won by Joan Roe. A birthday card and a glass ornament were presented to Chris Benson. Refreshments were served by Maureen Gough, Audrey Draycott, Sylvia Garton and Annette Toon.

Shirebrook Parish Church of the Holy Trinity - The Rev June Palmer led the morning prayers and service on Sunday week when she took as her theme, ‘Anger and Reconciliation.’ The Gospel reading and Intercessions were also led by Rev Palmer. Bible readings were by Lisa Evans and James Taylor. The collection was taken by Paddy Chi and Zi Qing Chen. Mr and Mrs D. Maynard served refreshments.

Self Help Group - Mrs G. Mee welcomed members to Shirebrook Village Hall on Wednesday week where she also collected subscriptions and called the bingo. The room was prepared ahead of the meeting by Iris Cooke, Diane Graves, Sylvia Garton and Eva Hayes. Raffle prizes were provided by Dorothy Stevenson. Ladies played bingo, held a raffle won by Eva Hayes, played a game of ‘Sticky 13’ and took part in a quiz where three members scored 10/10. Refreshments were served by Nora Simmons and Sylvia Garton.

After School Club - Laura Elliott and Becky Fletcher organised and supervised activities that included making Valentine’s Day cards and buns, board games, collage making and drawing.

Ashbourne Court - Team ‘A’ won the darts matches held on Monday week and Thursday week. ‘How Green Was My Valley’ was the film shown yesterday week at the film afternoon. Maureen Greig prepared and served a luncheon to residents on Wednesday week. The Friday week skittles match was won by Blue Team with the bowls match ending in a draw. Twice weekly bingo with caller Maureen Greig at 4pm on Mondays and Thursdays has resumed. Everyone is welcome. Six games for £1.20. Further details 744952.

Early Birds Day Nursery - Babies have recently used jugs and water wheels for tipping and pouring water, played with dolls, blankets, bottles and spoons and used mirrors and dressing up clothes for imaginative role play. Toddlers played with red shredded paper and animals in sand, fish and nets in water and had brushes and glitter for tactile play. Animal dominoes were used in mathematics and opposite cards for language practice. Outdoors play was with bikes and cones. Pre-school children played with toy dinosaurs in a swamp mixture and with socks and scoops in sand. Tactile play was with jelly and scissors. Children completed fruit and vegetable jigsaws. Focus book of the week was Usbourne’s Three Little Pigs. All children made a card for Valentine’s Day.

Happy Chat Coffee Club - Julie Bonsall welcomed members to Shirebrook Leisure Centre on Wednesday week where she also collected subscriptions. Table games were organised by Dot Hindley and Chris Cartwright. Raffle winners were June Crookes, Roy Kitterringham, Sheila Garland, Julie Lawson, Lucy Stewart, Audrey Doyle and Jo Sunderland. Refreshments were served by Brent Jones.

Shirebrook Staff and Social Club - Mr M. Fletcher hosted a games night on Monday week evening. The pool match winner was Malcolm Fletcher, with Aimee Radford winning the dominoes match and Gary Lamb winning the darts match.

Grange Care Home - Residents in the nursing lounge have recently played skittles and bingo and completed a large crossword puzzle as part of a group activity. In the residential dining room, residents made shamrock decorations for their Saint Patricks Day event, played bingo and attended a hands and nails pamper session. Hamilton Suite residents took part in a watercolour painting session, played dominoes and cards and took part in a pop music quiz. Singer, ‘Honey’ – (Alexandra Parsons) entertained all residents on Tuesday week afternoon. Residents were presented with red flowers for Valentine’s Day. Activities were led by Mandy Lindley and Natasha Westwood.

New Bassett House Home for Older People - On Valentine’s Day residents listened to romantic music and chatted about what Valentine’s Day meant to them. A special Valentine’s Day tea was served. Residents played dominoes and also visited the hairdresser.

Shirebrook Sports Club - Activities on Thursday week evening at Shirebrook Leisure Centre for 15 members included boxing, football, basketball and one on one football. The tuck shop was organised by volunteers from within the local community. Children aged 10 -15 years of age are welcome at the 5-7pm session which costs £1. Details 748907 or 07890600652.