Shirebrook charity farm volunteers devastated after thieves take quad-bike which cost two years of savings

A charity farm based in Shirebrook which teaches autistic children about animal care has been targeted by thieves.

Sunday, 25th November 2018, 4:18 pm
Updated Sunday, 25th November 2018, 5:25 pm
The stolen quad-bike.

Willow Tree Family Farm on Langwith Road, Shirebrook, was broken into last night, Saturday, November 24 at 7pm.

A quad-bike which took the charity two years to save for and cost around £8,000 was taken.

David Taylor, aged 33, is one of the directors at the farm and spoke to your Chad about his "devastation" surrounding the crime.

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The stolen quad-bike.

He said: "It is an absolute mess I can't believe it. It's heartbreaking.

"We were saving up for ages for it - they have just caused devastation they don't understand.

"It was a vital piece of equipment - we are going to struggle through the winter months now.

"All the thieves have done is use it for joy riding but it is a piece of farming equipment used to keep the charity going.

"We can't move things without it."

There were reportedly two thieves who broke into the farm and damaged steel fencing at 7pm last night, Saturday, November 24.

They also broke into two containers before hot-wiring the palaris sportman 570 4x4 quad and heading down Station Road in Shirebrook towards the train station.

One container contained tools though non were taken.

Damage to the farm itself is estimated to cost around £1,000.

David who said the charity feels like the crime was targeted said: "They have open charity for more people to break into."

He has also asked if any Chad readers can help the charity.

He said: "We have been looking through our insurance and we don't think it will cover the full cost.

"We have lost it - it's heartbreaking. So if anyone or any companies will be able to help with security or with the quad that would be amazing.

"We worry that they will come back and take everything else."

If you have any information call 101.

The charity has also opened a Go Fund Me page to help pay for the damages.

You can donate here