Sherwood MP Mark Spencer to hold Euro referendum amongst constituents

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Sherwood MP Mark Spencer is to give constituents an “In-Out” referendum on Europe.

Being part of the economic community in Europe is a big issue for many people, and was particularly in focus at the recent European elections.

But Hucknall MP Mark Spencer says he will be carrying out his own referendum on Europe and promises to share the results with the Prime Minister.

The Conservative MP is sending out “ballot papers” to every home in the Sherwood constituency, and a special website,, will launch on June 5th.

Mr Spencer said: “As Sherwood’s MP, I have heard many different opinions from hundreds of people in the Sherwood constituency on this issue.

“I know that whilst some people have different priorities, for many this is one of the most important and frustrating issues at the moment.

‘I would like to hear opinions on this matter and I will forward responses to the Prime Minister.”

And he added: “‘I think it’s important that the people of Sherwood get the opportunity to have their say right now on the big issues, like our relationship with Europe, so that our government can take these opinions on board when they are shaping national policy.”

The Conservative party has pledged to give people of Britain a say in an ‘In-Out’ referendum on Europe, should they achieve a majority in 2015.

Labour’s Leonie Mathers, who will be fighting Mr Spencer at the 2015 general election, said that, overall, Europe was a good thing for Britain, but needed to change so that it worked better for people and businesses.

But she added: “It’s always good to be out and about listening to people and it is good to see that after four years as MP Mark is beginning to do that. People tell us about their worries on the cost of of living, on energy, wages and job security so I hope he listens to them on those issues too.”