Sherwood MP is committed to getting best Brexit for the area

Mark Spencer MP
Mark Spencer MP

Once again, it’s been a very important time for me down in London in my capacity as whip in charge ofeExiting the European Union.

I am clear that this Government needs to crack on with getting a good Brexit for this country and the last thing we need is for the process to be held up.

Brexit is a national issue but it’s also a local one.

Mansfield was one of the areas of the country that voted most strongly to leave, and I see it as my duty to ensure that the result of the referendum is honoured.

There are, of course, plenty of issues unique to the Mansfield part of my constituency that I’ve been busying myself with too.

I’m glad that progress is being made towards the finalisation of a business plan at Clipstone Miners’ Welfare.

I know that a lot of hard work has gone into it and once the plan has been published, I’ll be consulting with residents of the village to see what they make of it.

In Edwinstowe, I’ve been in contact with local authorities and Nottinghamshire Police about local shopkeepers’ efforts to get CCTV installed near the local shops.

We all know that CCTV can be very important not just in solving crime but actually in preventing it, and I’m glad to be able to support local people in their wishes.

I had a meeting with Chris Grayling MP, the Transport Secretary, along with Mansfield MP Ben Bradley, to discuss what funding will be available for the dualling of the A614 and A617 (pictured).

Ben and I agree that the best way to approach this is to apply for funding through the Government’s major road network scheme.

This new project makes available a large amount of funding to help improve what are considered to be ‘major roads’.

When I filled out the Government’s consultation for this project I made it clear just how important these two roads are to my constituents, many of whom use them both every day.