Sherwood Forest Hospitals staff set to strike

NMAC11-1277-5''Kings Mill Hospital
NMAC11-1277-5''Kings Mill Hospital

Admin and clerical staff at the trust that runs King’s Mill Hospital are set to go on a day’s strike in a dispute over pay and conditions.

GMB union members at Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have voted to take a day of action each month, to work to rule and for an indefinite overtime ban, in a dispute over down-banding staff for a second time in 30 months.

GMB organiser Harry Harrison said the action was not purely about pay cuts, but also the effect that a deterioration in staff members’ terms and conditions was having on their health and well-being.

He said: “The trust has been given 12 months to sort out the problems highlighted by the Keogh review.

“This comes at a time when staff morale is at an all-time low and demand at an all-time high. Continual cuts in GMB members terms and conditions is a major contributor to this low morale, as it’s demoralising, de-motivating and de-skilling people.”

The first strike will take place on 27th August. Mr Harrison said that it had been a ‘tough decision’ and ‘one we wish to avoid’, but members feel they have to make a stand because of their concerns.

“Their friends, family and neighbours use that service. They don’t want to upset people but want the trust to provide the best service for the community,” he said.

“You can’t provide it on the model they are delivering.”

Two hospital staff have had their pay and grade reduced.

Paul O’Connor, chief executive at the trust, said: “We respect that staff may wish to exercise their rights in this way but are disappointed that despite managing to secure alternative employment opportunities for all staff, thus removing the risk of redundancy and minimising the need for compulsory reductions in pay, the GMB has chosen this approach.”