Share YOUR good news about Mansfield on Twitter

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The explosion of social media in recent years has led to a number of ways to promote businesses, organisations and even regions.

Now there is a new hashtag on Twitter which promotes everything that is good about Mansfield.

#MansfieldHour is the brainchild of Twitter user @TweetMansfield and takes place every Thursday, between 7-8pm.

It’s an hour where you can log onto the popular social media site and share good news about our town as well make new contacts.

#MansfieldHour follows in the footsteps of virtual networking hours such as #EastMidlandsHour, #NottsNatter and #AVYourSay (Amber Valley).

Says @TweetMansfield:“#mansfieldhour is about Mansfield not any one individual or business. The time is that because that’s when others do it and when many people are at home rather than work or travelling.

“The day is also a day after #EastMidlandsHour where we can plug our hour.

“Why set it up? (There are) lots of people on Twitter such as community groups and businesses. There was no concerted effort to bring people together to promote Mansfield. Other towns have their hour so why not Mansfield. It’s about plugging the town, the people and the groups, business or otherwise, all pulling together. No-one else is going to shout about our town so we’ve got to do it ourselves.”

To join the debate and share your good news, just use the hashtag #MansfieldHour between 7-8pm tonight (Thursday).