Shadow minister visits Edwinstowe to discuss fire service’s future

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Sherwood Labour candidate Léonie Mathers was joined in Edwinstowe by shadow fire minister ,Lyn Brown, to hear local views on the future of the fire service.

They spoke with firefighters as part of a nationwide consultation on a potential radical shakeup of the way services are run across the country as austerity measures continue to bite.

By the end of this financial year, Fire and Rescue Authorities across England will have seen a 22.5 per cent reduction in central Government funding since 2010 - a total cash cut of £236m.

One proposal is to abolish the county-wide services and replace them with one fire and rescue Service for the whole of England, cutting out the layers of management.

Sherwood Labour Candidate Léonie Mathers said: “The reality of the job is very different in rural Nottinghamshire than in Central London. That’s why I wanted Lyn to come and hear from those on the frontline here in Edwinstowe before any decisions are made.”

Shadow fire minister Lyn Brown said: “Our fire fighters are among the bravest of public sector workers but the services they work in with such dedication are facing the most uncertain of times. We need an honest dialogue, a clear focus on the front line and an unrelenting drive to get the right outcomes, so we may create and fire and rescue service that is fit and proper for the 21st century.”