Sex offender jailed after touching teenage girl in Sutton

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A CONVICTED sex offender was today jailed for touching a 13-year-old girl sitting on a wall with friends in Sutton.

Michael Garfoot (27), of Priestsic Road in Sutton, admitted sexual assault and was jailed for a year, with a five-year order banning him from any unsupervised contact with females under 16.

The court was told that street lights were on when a drunken Garfoot approached the girls and asked if they had any cannabis.

It was about 5.30pm on November 14th and it was dark, Nottingham Crown Court heard.

The victim was with two other girls aged 13 and 15 and they said they did not have any.

Garfoot produced a tobacco pouch and asked if they wanted some.

“He then put his hand on the girl’s thigh and moved it up her leg. She was wearing trousers,” said Jim Metcalf, prosecuting.

Garfoot took hold of the girl’s hand and bit one of her fingers, which was left red and painful.

The girls felt uneasy and when the 15-year-old cycled off, the other two walked away and tried to hide in the front garden of a house.

The occupier came out and asked them what they were doing. Garfoot appeared and caught hold of the second girl’s sleeve but she pulled free.

The householder spoke to Garfoot who threatened him. The man got his wife to call the police.

The girls ran off and one of them used her mobile phone to ring a grandparent.

When the police arrived the girls said they felt very frightened of what might have happened.

Garfoot was arrested from the description which had been given. He said he was very drunk and could not recall what happened.

The court was told he had previous convictions for sexual offences. In November 2001 he had grabbed the arm of a 12-year-old in the street in Kirkby and tried to kiss her on the lips.

He had been given a community order but failed to comply with it and was sentenced to 10 months custody.

In April 2005 he was jailed for three-and-a half years for sexual assault. He tried to touch a young girl’s bottom on a bus then followed her to Shirebrook Market Place.

Then he pushed her to the ground and threatened to rape her. A member of the public intervened, said Mr Metcalf.

In November last year he had a conviction for outraging public decency.

His advocate Richard Posner said alcohol was at the root of his problems.

Judge Andrew Hamilton said he suspected what happened might have been more serious if the householder had not intervened.

Garfoot was arrested from the description which had been given. He said he was very drunk and could not recall what happened.