Severe barn fire put surrounding Ashfield residents at risk

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Firefighters tackled a major barn fire last night as smoke was so thick it was dangerous for nearby residents.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue attended the 'severe' fire at Boots Yard in Huthwaite at around 10.40pm on Sunday, May 1.

A spokesperson said four crews, from Mansfield Ashfield and Alfreton fire stations were called to the single storey building 'severely damaged by fire'.

"They found an unused barn severely damaged by fire. This was large barn fire and rubbish fire.

"We are advising all members of the public in the area to keep all doors and windows closed."

The brigade was still battling the blaze at around 1am this morning and fire officers since confirmed the blaze is extinguished and firefighters are are still on the scene to monitor the barn.