Selston residents await decision of Footpath 72

The future of a footpath in Selston will be decided at a public inquiry today.

The controversial debate on whether Footpath 72 will remain open will be discussed at the ‘FP72’ Inquiry at Selston Parish Hall from 10am today (24th September).

Residents have been divided after the parish council and some residents said the path, between Inkerman Road and Inkerman Street, should be closed.

But they have been met by tough opposition from campaigners who want the path to remain open.

In 2007, the Planning Inspectorate ruled that the footpath should remain open because historically, it had linked the isolated communities of Bagthorpe, Hanstubbin and Underwood.

He also said that there was evidence to suggest that there may have been a historic path which linked Inkerman Street and Inkerman Road.

However Selston councillor Gail Turner for the parish, district and county disputes that it is not a footpath and at one point goes through a nearby resident’s garden.

But Frank Wood (88), who grew up living at nearby Inkerman Inn, said: “I have argued for 45 years that the path should remain open.

“I walked, along with countless others, the historical 200 year old footpath from 1934 to 1964.”