Selston High School pupils research how village has changed down the years

Students from Selston High School, as part of a project for their Access course, are researching how times have changed in the local Selston Area.

As part of this project the students planned, costed and baked an old fashioned ‘high tea’ for the senior citizens who use the day centre which is part of the Selston campus.

Since the event coincided with Halloween the students decided to base the tea around a Halloween theme.

After having prepared and served the refreshments the students had the chance to interview the visitors to the day centre and relive stories of their first jobs, schooldays and families.

Students were surprised to hear how different school life was in the past without the facilities and technology that is now taken for granted.

Diane Taylor who teaches the group explained that not only had the students enjoyed planning and preparing the event, costing and learning about food hygiene, but they had also learned a great deal about the history of the local area as well as developing their team working skills.

Staff at the Day Centre thanked the students and praised them for an excellent afternoon which had been enjoyed by all.