Selston head issues community alart after ‘flasher’ incident


The head teacher of Selston High School has issued an alert to parents after four female pupils of the school were victims of indecent exposure.

The school issued a report of an individual behaving inappropriately in front of the four girls on Bank Holiday Monday, and members of the community took to the internet to warn others of a “flasher on the loose”.

Head Keven Gaiderman said this is the latest in a string of similar indecent behaviours.

He added: “The girls were brilliant and contacted the police immediately on their mobile phone.”

“Over the recent weeks we’ve had a couple of incidents we’ve had to report which have been quite similar and we’ve followed our standard operating procedures each time. On this occasion the report came directly to me from the four girls and after questioning from me I made the decision to issue the school safe alert.

“The incident did not happen either on the way to or from school but during the bank holiday. I made the decision that the community should be made aware as the police had already been informed and an incident number placed on record. The email went out to staff for the information to be relayed to the students.”

There was a similar incident around a year ago when a girl was approached at night and the school did not report it to parents because it was not during school hours.

“But parents felt we should have done, and that the school should be central on these issues,” added Mr Gaiderman.

All staff are informed to read out about the incident and follow the school’s “Staying Safe in the Community” advice.

Nottinghamshire Police said: “We received the call at 12:03 on Tuesday and it states that four girls saw a man stood near them acting suspiciously. There is not a lot of detail and reports are confused. It states that the man was making hand gestures but these were not directed to anyone in particular.

“The report doesn’t specifically say that there has been an exposure.

“A local beat team have been made aware to keep a look out should a similar incident occur again and raise further suspicion.

But Mr Gaiderman added: “The girls were adament that there was an exposure. This is what they told us and this is what was reported to the police. I questioned them and they told me they were at the skatepark and a gentleman who was across the road in an alley way was exposing himself.”

Monday’s incident coincides with reports of another incident in the area, as a man and a woman allegedly approach a child in Jacksdale on May 5, but this is so far unconfirmed.

Dawn Kennedy said: The Selston flasher was the “same description as the one from a couple of weeks ago.”

Jennifer Brown said: “There have been so many of these it’s making us very nervous.”

David Adamson said: “So strange people hanging around Selston High, someone exposing themselves to kids at the skate park now this.”

The offender is described as a white male in his early 20s, whereing blue jeans and a black hoody, and was seen behaving inappropiately opposite the skate park on Annesley Lane.

Contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101.