Selston Arts & Community College host Boccia event

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Pupils from 7 local primary schools were invited to participate in a Boccia Festival, hosted by Selston Arts & Community College, on Wednesday (8th February) 2012.

Boccia is a traditional recreational sport, similar to bocce. The sport is competed at national and international levels, by athletes who require a wheelchair because of physical disability.

It was originally designed to be played by people with cerebral palsy but now includes athletes with other severe disabilities affecting motor skills. In 1984 it became a Paralympic sport, and in 2008 was being practiced in over fifty countries worldwide.

All pupils taking part were either registered with a Special Educational Need, or may have been chosen to attend in order to develop their confidence and social skills.

Whilst this is not a rule stipulated before the festival, it is something that all the primary schools involved felt was in the spirit of the Boccia competition.

All of the participants aged 5-11 were split across three different competitions. In a closely fought battle Selston C of E Infant & Nursery School won gold, winning three games and drawing two.

The festival was organised by Lewis Jones, PE Teacher and School Sport Coordinator at Selston Arts & Community College.

Mr Lewis was assisted by a group of 9, Year 8 pupils (12 & 13 years old), who have been selected by the PE department due to their outstanding contributions in PE lessons and extracurricular sport. The Year 8 sports leaders acted as officials, scorers and helped out with the general running of the festival.