SEEING RED: Gloves are a must when it comes to using a cashpoint

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Cleanliness has always been a big thing for me.

I must admit I have OCD-like tendencies when it comes to keeping clean, be it personal hygiene or tidiness at home - Mrs B will be in hysterics reading the latter.

Dropping litter, failing to wash your hands after spending a penny or not cleaning up after your dog or all things which leave me seeing red.

But something else is now seriously grinding my gears. Dirty cashpoints.

Now I am not frivolous - far from it, in fact - but I do pop along to a cash dispenser a fair bit during the week to draw out the odd tenner - mainly to cover the costs of Master B’s upkeep.

However, my visits will be getting fewer and fewer if the banks don’t buck up their ideas and give their facilities a good scrub.

God only knows what substances, germs and dirt are on the buttons we’re pressing, but I dread to think.

In fact, it’s getting to the point where I’ll be using disposable gloves when it comes to using a cashpoint.

In fact, one survey a few years ago even found that ATM machines were as dirty as public toilets - with tests showing they carry bacteria which can cause sickness and diarrhoea.


Whenever you step into a bank or a building society, they are spotless - so why can’t the cashpoints receive some TLC too?

Surely there’s enough money in the banking sector to sort this out?

- It’s often been said that Britain has an obesity problem.

I continue to dine out - pun intended - on the headline Glutton in Ashfield in reference to the area being named the fattest some years ago.

I may have mentioned this before in this column, by the way.

But what’s not highlighted too often is that bar America, other countries too have folk somewhat larger than they should be.

This was brought to my attention during my holiday to Gran Canaria last week by the number of continental beer bellies I spotted sun-bathing by our swimming pool.

And with their protruding stomachs hanging over their skimpy Speedos, it’s fair to say they maybe a match for us when it comes to eating - but they’re definitely in a league of their own when it comes to their choice of swimwear!

My eyes are only just recovering. . .

- Awareness days are a great way to highlight worthy causes and the work they do.

I’m all for them.

But there does seem to be an awful lot of meaningless ones too.

In recent weeks we have ‘celebrated’ National Cat Day; National Boyfriend Day and only on Friday, National Pumpkin Day.

Apparently, November 15 is National Clean Your Refrigerator Day - which, quite frankly, leaves me cold.

Is it me, or is life just one big commercialised gimmick nowadays?

- Talking of gimmicks, thank God Hallowe’en is over for another year.