See two week old piglets at White Post Farm

Two litters of piglets are the star attraction at White Post Farm.

The piglets, born at the end of September, have proved very popular with visitors.

See two week old piglets at White Post Farm

See two week old piglets at White Post Farm

Anthony Moore, marketing manager said: "They're very inquisitive and are charging around the pen.

"The piglets are crazy popular, and it never gets old seeing them squabbling for space to feed!

"There's so much going on outdoors at the moment, we have the goat kids, and the reindeer are gearing up for Christmas."

For Halloween this year, Martin Vernon, reptile house manager, has brought in a host of creepy-crawlies.

Youngsters can take part in interactive sessions and hold some of the bugs, and learn about their diets and habitats.

Martin said: "I do like the insects, they look fierce and I think that’s why people might feel scared by them.

“The Rhino Beetles look quite scary but they’re harmless, and the adults only live for about three months.”

“Children do really like the creepy crawlies and they’re a big attraction for Halloween.

“The stick insects prove popular because you can handle them, and the beetles always draw a crowd.”

As well as the creepy crawlie club, White Post Farm are offering youngsters the chance to ride a broomstick at broomstick club, get their hands dirty at slime workshops, watch some magic tricks and even pick and carve pumpkins.

The farm is expecting even more new arrivals, lambs due to be born at the end of next month.

Anthony said: "“I love Christmas lambing, it’s so nice and really adds to the festive atmosphere in our nativity stable."

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