Schoolboy in plea for cycle lanes

Eion Watts, Jack Barker (right) and his brother Luke
Eion Watts, Jack Barker (right) and his brother Luke

A TWELVE year old boy has gathered over 700 signatures on a petition to install cycle lanes in and around Bolsover.

Jack Barker is fed up with cars buses and lorries speeding past him on his way to school so has decided to try and get something done.

He has been knocked off his bike twice, once just 10 yards from his front door and the driver didn’t stop to see if he was OK.

Jack has been knocking on doors and going into local shops to get as many signatures as possible and has received huge support.

The campaign for cycle lanes has been backed by Bolsover District Council and The Bolsover School.

Jack said: “I would just like safer roads so I can get on my bike and ride to school with my friends without being scared of being knocked off – that’s why I started this campaign.

“Motorists come very close and overtake at really high speeds and all I want is to see cycle lanes and paths in Bolsover before someone gets seriously hurt or dies.”

Councillor Eion Watts, Bolsover District Council Leader, said: “Jack is exactly right, we do need cycle lanes so not only children, but adults as well, can use them to cycle on without the fear of being knocked off by passing motorists. I am fully behind Jack and will support him in whatever way I can.”