School parking problems

I have just read your article in the Chad (Guest Columnist 3rd October) and agree wholeheartedly that parking around schools is a nightmare. However, I do think that increasingly, children are having to be driven to school due to distances involved rather than just lazyness/timesaving.

Saying that, some parents do seem to think that they are exempt from rules and regulations, which really antagonises the other parents who park responsibly.

My daughter’s school is seven miles away from our home in Mansfield due to her not being allocated a place at any of the four local schools I requested. Parents these days are far more ‘savvy’ when it comes to their child’s education and, if the local catchment school is not seen to be appropriate, they will look to find a suitable alternative, even if that means travelling.

I choose to make this journey to this ‘outstanding’ school as the alternative is to send my daughter to the local ‘special measures’ catchment school.

Donna Lynn,

(via email).

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