School objects to pet crematorium plans over fears it could upset students

Tim Croft, principal of Sutton Community Academy
Tim Croft, principal of Sutton Community Academy

The headteacher of a Sutton school says he will object to plans for a pet crematorium to be built nearby.

The principal of Sutton Community Academy Tim Croft, said plans for the crematorium, which could close to the school may upset 'sensitive' students.

Mr Croft said: "We are putting in a formal objection to the planning application as we do not feel it is suitable to have a crematorium either in the town centre or certainly next to the school.

"This is a sensitive issue for some students and to have it right on their doorstep on a daily basis is not acceptable."

A planning application has been submitted to Ashfield District Council, seeking to turn a garage into the crematorium on land at the back of 29 Forest Street - less than half a mile from the school.

In a statement on the school's Facebook page a spokesperson said: "Ashfield District Council have received a planning application for a pet crematorium within the vicinity of Sutton Community Academy.

"As an Academy we feel this may be difficult for some students with emotional issues."

Called Pets at Rest, the business will cremate small and medium sized pets onsite if it is given the green light by the council and would be open from 8am to 6pm.

The applicant, Martin Frow, says no changes to the building's structure, which is currently used to store wedding cars, will be made.

A statement submitted with the application says: "Pets at Rest aims to be a unique small pet crematorium business dealing with vets and clients who are looking for a personal and guaranteed individual cremation for their pet, unlike the general mass cremations offered via most vets.

"We intend on opening between 8am and 6pm but we envisage creamations being from 10am until 4pm depending on demand.

"We will collect deceased pets from vets and clients and bring them back to our site/premise using a van, once on site pets will be placed in a chiller, if being creamated that day or a freezer, if cremation os to take place at a later date.