School nature garden trashed

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CHILDREN and teachers at Sutton Road Primary School were shocked to find their nature garden and play area had been trashed and burned when they arrived at school on Monday morning.

Rubbish from the school bin compound had been thrown around and the nature garden planters had been pulled apart, with the retaining logs used as fire wood.

Bird houses had been burnt, a mini hotel built by the children was destroyed and a pergola, which was donated by the wife of a parent who has since died, has been pulled over and damaged.

Headteacher Nicola Davies said a fire was lit directly underneath the climbing equipment that school council pupils and the PTA had worked hard to pay for.

“The children are devastated,” she said.

“I am completely appalled and disgusted at this mindless act of vandalism and feel desperately sorry for our children who have worked so hard and are so proud of their outside nature provision.

“I only hope we can find enough funding to try to rectify what has been damaged.”