School celebrates 50th anniversary

Leas Park Junior school pupils read the school logs from the 1960s and 70s.
Leas Park Junior school pupils read the school logs from the 1960s and 70s.

A Mansfield school is celebrating its first half century with a series of events for pupils old and new.

Leas Park Junior School opened its doors on January 16 1967, the year we made our first moves towards joining the EEC and the Beatles were top of the charts.

On January 16 2017 the school will mark the occasion by inviting former pupils of all ages to come along to a coffee afternoon.

Lower school leader Cassie Bills said:” We would like to invite past pupils and staff to come and visit the school in the afternoon; to chat amongst each other, to bring any old photos in; to share experiences with the children, to take a look at how the building has changed and to reminisce of their school days.

“Later on in the school year, we will be holding a summer event to celebrate ’50 years of Leas Park Junior School’.

“We will be burying a time capsule this summer with many different items inside to show our future generations what school was like in 2016.

“Our staff team are very excited about these special events and hope our past and present pupils and parents will come and celebrate with us. We are fortunate to have Log Books in school which date back to the very first day Leas Park Junior School opened. These have been of great interest to our pupils who have enjoyed looking at them and seeing how things have changed. They document who the teachers worked at the school are and the key changes that have been made to the school over the years as well as dating important events. An extract from 1976 lists subjects such as ‘English, maths, games/PE, swimming, TV programs and needlework’- all very different from today’s computing, science and PSHE.”