Scheme to make nightlife safe

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Mansfield is to become part of a nationally recognised scheme aimed at improving the management of licensed premises and reducing alcohol-related violence across the county.

Best Bar None is a national awards scheme which has been adopted by over 100 towns and cities across the UK, including Nottingham.

Elsewhere its introduction has not only contributed to a reduction in alcohol-related violence, but has also made people feel safer and increased trade in pubs and clubs taking part.

Best Bar None is an accreditation and awards scheme that recognises and rewards licensed premises that provide a safe, responsible setting for their customers.

To become accredited, venues need to meet an agreed set of standards, such as carrying out regular security reviews, managing capacity properly, proactively dealing with intoxicated people and having a robust proof of age policy.

The scheme will initially run for three years and will be and will be led by a Project Board of key stakeholders and administered by Mansfield District Council.