Scammed twice but one Forest Town woman will not be tricked a third time

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A 65-year-old wants to warn people about possible bogus callers on the Lark Hill Estate after she was recently doorstepped.

Shirley Topless answered a knock at the door and a man was saying how he had bought a dairy and would she be interested in supporting local farmers and getting milk delivered.

She said: “He could have been genuine but I’m always on my guard now and something didn’t feel right.”

A few years ago Shirley had a phone call from the bank saying there had been unusual spending activity from her account in places in Manchester, this was dealt with by the banks fraud department.

This was followed by a phone conversation when someone said he was the bank manager and could they talk about her account. Ever cautious Shirley contacted the bank and was told that person did not work there and to not pass on any details.

Shirley said: “The man who was trying to get me to sign up for milk to be delivered had no ID and was writing names down in a little black book.

“I asked how I would pay and he said over the phone, when I told him I wanted to think about it and what was his contact number he shot off down the path as fast as he could with actually running and it all seems a bit odd.”
Nottinghamshire County Council has produced information about dealing with rogue traders which said: “Doorstep sellers can be very persuasive.

“Trading Standards receives hundreds of complaints from people who have bought goods or have had work done on their home following high-pressure selling and lived to regret it.”

Trading Standards advise never to buy goods or services from a trader on your doorstep, do not answer your door if you are not expecting a caller. If the person needs to contact you urgently, they will put a note through your door or have your contact details and be able to contact you via other means.

Shirley added: “I may be wrong but surely it is better that people are prepared against what could happen if people are getting hold of your address and bank details.”
The County Council have ‘no uninvited callers’ stickers for doors and windows, and more information is available at