Save our post box say Sutton OAPs

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More than 200 Sutton residents have signed a petition to have a post box reinstated after Royal Mail took it out of service.

Pensioners face a longer walk to post their mail after the box outside a retirement complex on Kirkby Road was blocked off.

Ocean Blue Fish Bar and local business owner, Andrew Georgiou, who organised the petition, said: “There are a lot of elderly people who live around here and they relied on that post box, it’s alright saying there are others nearby but that isn’t any use to them. Surely Royal Mail can’t expect them to walk all the way down to the estate. This post box was in a perfect location.”

The nearest post boxes are on Leamington Drive and Henry Street, 0.4 miles away.

Derek Cresswell, 85 of Kirkby Road, said “My wife and I are both in our 80s - it’s too far for us to walk to post letters now. There has been no explanation from Royal Mail they jut put a steel plate across it.

“I suppose they are trying to maximise their profits - it’s one more thing they haven’t got to look after.”

The campaign is being backed by Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero who has written to Royal Mail. She said: “Royal Mail should be in no doubt about the strength of the feeling locally. Hopefully Royal Mail will realise they have made a mistake and put it right as soon as possible.”

Royal Mail spokesperson Morag Turnbull, said the post box had to be closed due to the door being broken and as it is an old style postbox replacement parts are no longer available.

She added; “There are adequate posting facilities near Kirkby Road and within the Ofcom guidelines of within half a mile to the nearest postbox.

“Therefore, there are currently no plans to replace or add additional posting facilities in this area. Royal Mail apologises to customers for any inconvenience this may cause.”