Samworth told to improve by Ofsted

NMAC11-1171-1''Mansfield, Samworth Academy
NMAC11-1171-1''Mansfield, Samworth Academy

Samworth Academy has been told to improve its teaching by inspectors after being graded as requiring improvement in its latest Ofsted report.

The grade is the same level three as the last assessment but has now been changed from satisfactory to its current definition.

Inspectors said teaching standards, particularly in English and maths, were not high enough because work was not set at the right level, especially for more talented pupils.

Marking was also criticised for not making required improvements clear, while subject leaders were told they did not check the quality of teaching, assessment and progress in their areas often or thoroughly enough.

Headteacher Michael Griffiths said: “This was not totally unexpected but we definitely thought a grade 2 was possible.

“The written report clearly recognises the significant improvement our Academy has made since it opened but the report also recognises that our journey is not yet finished.

“One of the major reasons is that we still have too much variation in what we do. Clearly we recognise this, but we also know that we will continue to improve significantly in the months and years ahead.”

Mr Griffiths referred to the report’s recognition of students’ attitudes and potential and how impressed inspectors were with their attendance, punctuality, attitude to learning and the respect they had for each other and for their Academy.

He added: “Our students and their families should be proud. They have been a credit to everyone. We know our Academy very well and we are very close to being good in all areas of our work.

“At the Samworth Church Academy we are committed to continuous improvement. We are therefore focusing our efforts with the aim of asking Ofsted to return within approximately twelve months.”

Inspectors said teachers needed to work at the right level to enable students of all abilities, particularly the more able, to achieve their potential and marking should always state what students had achieved and how they could make further progress.

Subject leaders were also expected to take full responsibility for checking thoroughly and regularly the quality of teaching and assessment and rates of progress in their areas.

Inspectors also said actions taken by subject leaders should lead to improvements.

To view the report online visit and search for Samworth Academy.