Safer speed limit set to be approved

Plans for 20mph speed zones outside the Nottinghamshire’s schools are set to be approved by the county council’s transport and highways committee when it meets on Tuesday.

Given the high level of pedestrian activity and vulnerable road users at school start and finish times, it is aiming to introduce advisory 20mph speed limits outside schools where it is feasible to do so.

For the majority of locations, the advisory limits will be effective in achieving appropriate speeds and can be introduced quickly.

Most schools are in residential areas so the introduction of a 20mph speed limit will also have positive benefits for residents at all times of the day, including weekends and school holidays.

The Council is therefore proposing the speed limits are introduced outside schools in residential roads.

On main roads it is proposed that variable advisory 20mph limits using Department for Transport approved signs and flashing amber warning lights are introduced.

These would operate with 20mph limits during school start and finish times but be 30mph (or appropriate) at all other times.

The council has already undertaken speed surveys at the first 50 proposed locations, with the remainder of the surveys scheduled to take place between now and March 2014.

A rolling programme of 20mph zones can be introduced throughout 2014-15 and 2015-16.