Safer Internet Day lesson for students

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Students at a Mansfield studio school have been sharing positive messages about online safety this week to support a national campaign.

Pupils at the Vision Studio School, on Chesterfield Road, have shared tips and advice about how to act safely and smartly on the internet with fellow students and staff during this year’s Safer Internet Day (February 7).

A whole-school assembly, led by the school’s principal Chris Hatherall, concentrated on some key issues which young people may overlook when speaking to friends or strangers on social media, online chat groups and on gaming apps.

Mr Hatherall said: “We take online safety seriously every day here at the studio school but today we’ve made a more targeted presentation for our learners so they can reflect on their actions online and make positive decisions when using technology.

“We’re encouraging them to think before they post words and images and consider the risks and how their reputation could be affected in a negative way.

“We’ve challenged them to think about what a selfie says to the outside world – is it a message, a challenge, is it fantasy or reality or could it be perceived as an invitation to contact the individual?

“I’d like to encourage all young people to feel happy to speak to their mums and dads about what they use social media for.

“By having those informed conversations, parents can feel at ease that their children are making positive decisions about who they’re associated with online.”

Issues Mr Hatherall highlighted included him talking about how uploading and sharing images can affect reputations online.

He pointed out the very real dangers of not using privacy settings to the best advantage and stressed that individuals are only as private as their most public friend.

Health and social care pupil Faith Hemsley said: “I make sure I only have my friends on Facebook to keep myself safe. I don’t agree with people checking in at locations as it makes you vulnerable showing people where you are.”

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