Saddened bus firm ceases trading

The Doyles Coaches site at Alfreton
The Doyles Coaches site at Alfreton

The owner of a long-serving bus company claims it has had to stop trading because of subsidy cuts to public transport.

K&H Doyle began in 1986 and grew to 28 buses with services around Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire including the 152 route through Somercotes and Alfreton.

But last Monday, the Alfreton firm, founded by Kevin Doyle and his late wife Helen, of Ripley, halted its fleet.

Mr Doyle said: “I can’t carry on because of the cutbacks. The councils were expecting us to do the job for nothing.”

In 2011, Derbyshire County Council cut subsidies to 42 bus services but stated K&H Doyle accepted a price for its services.

A council spokesman said that when tendering contracts for bus routes, K&H Doyle accepted a price for its services.

The spokesman added: “We have not changed these prices since they accepted the contracts.”

K&H Doyle also ran services on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council and a number of commercial routes.

In Nottinghamshire, all 12 of K&H Doyle’s services have been replaced and the council there said K&H Doyle had agreed a price for its services.

Mr Doyle said the company might operate again in a reduced role in the future.

He said: “This isn’t a decision that has been taken lightly.

“I feel gutted about it really. It’s just a sad thing.

“I’m just sorry for the people that we have let down.”

Derbyshire county councillor for Alfreton and Somercotes Paul Smith said: “It’s very sad. They’ve been operating a very reliable service.”