S106 agreements: Let down by Mansfield Planning Committee

In reply to Joanne Hayes letter, as a Mansfield resident currently looking for employment, I feel totally let down by the Planning Committee’s decision to delay the possible long term employment prospects of local residents in favour of the profits of a developer by agreeing to their application for changing the S106 agreement for Spion Kop.

This does raise some fundamental questions to why the S106 was originally drafted so poorly, such as:

1. If this S106 agreement was to make the development acceptable why wasn’t the Care Home required to be built first?

2. Why wasn’t a Care Home provider included in the S106 agreement?

3. Why was a bespoke development like this not given to a specialist builder?

With the recent suggestions on TV that developers could be allowed out of their commitment to build affordable housing, it looks increasingly likely that that won’t see the light of day either.

I have to question if the people who drafted this S106 agreement are actually up to the job, after all if Mansfield District Council dismissed all the incompetent people working for them, then maybe there would be some chance of me being employed there.

Warsop resident,

Name and address supplied.

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