Rustic remedies and food at Sherwood Pines

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A visit to Sherwood Pines Forest Park promises to be a real tonic for nature lovers.

The Forestry Commission is staging a unique event on Saturday 14th May to revive ancient lore on herbal medicines and natural foods growing in the wood.

Putting people in touch with nature will be expert and broadcaster, Patrick Harding. He explained: “To some extent we have forgotten the herblore and wild food knowledge that was once part of everyday life. What was thought of as old wives’ tales once now has a real basis in science and plants remain the basis of many modern medicines. There’s a rekindling of interest in the field, which fits well with modern notions of health living and nutrition.”

Rustic remedies found in the wood include chickweed, good for making a balm for dry skin, silverweed to prevent blisters, and mint excellent to improve digestion. Meanwhile, a free seasonal credit brunch menu could include sorrel soup followed by a salad of dandelion leaves with nuts and garnished with St George’s mushroom – a spring fungus – all washed down by elderflower cordial.

Ranger Lindsay Brown added: “This will be a chance to tap into knowledge built up over thousands of years and enjoy a fascinating walk and talk from a real expert in the field.”

The event costs £20 and runs from 11am to 3.30pm. Booking is required on 01623 822447.