RSPCA 'struggling to cope' with 'crisis' of dumped horses in Kirkby

The RSPCA have said they are struggling to cope with the amount of horses that have been dumped in Kirkby and surrounding areas recently.

The statement comes after a further four horses were dumped in the area in the last week - one of which had to be put to sleep.

One of the horses that has recently been dumped. Picture courtesy of RSPCA

One of the horses that has recently been dumped. Picture courtesy of RSPCA

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An RSPCA spokesperson said: "We are appealing for information about who owned three horses which were dumped in a field near Park Lane in Kirkby-in-Ashfield.

“We were called to the area on March 10 following reports that three female piebald horses were in poor condition in a field and one was struggling to stand.

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“An inspector attended and found one horse was emaciated with severe diarrhoea and had collapsed. The other two were in a poor bodily condition.

“The RSPCA has to act within the law and horses can only be removed by the police. In this case Nottinghamshire police assisted us to allow a vet to assess the horses and provide veterinary treatment.

“Sadly the vet decided that the collapsed horse had to be put to sleep to end her suffering.

“The other two horses have been removed by the RSPCA and are now receiving emergency veterinary care.

“Animal welfare charities like the RSPCA are struggling to cope with the on-going equine crisis.

“Up and down England and Wales, horses are being found sick, dying or sometimes dead. It is frequently the case that they have been abandoned and left to die. This is upsettingly very common and it’s a massive issue - a very sad one at that.

“We are constantly receiving calls to our cruelty line - on average 80 per day about horses alone across England and Wales - as well as messages every day on social media from very concerned and upset people asking for our help.”

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