RSPCA investigate air rifle attack on two Mansfield cats

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A PAIR of cats from the same Mansfield home are recovering after both were shot with air rifles in the space of a month.

RSPCA inspectors are investigating the cruel attacks on Dennis Hart’s two cats Gizmo and Milly in July.

Gizmo, a grey and black striped Siamese cross, was shot about five weeks ago near his home on Houfton Road.

Mr Hart took Gizmo to the vets where it was found the cat had been shot in the eye. The pellet went so deep into Gizmo’s head that it ended up being lodged next to the top of his spine.

Just a couple of weeks later, another of the family’s five cats, Nelly, came home with a pellet in his head.

Vets were able to remove the pellet and Mr Hart says both animals are recovering.

“Neither Nelly nor Gizmo went far from our house and Nelly was only out for 15 minutes when this happened so we are concerned that the person doing this is quite close by.

“We are very worried about our other cats and also just want other owners to be aware what is happening.”

RSPCA inspector Keith Ellis said air weapon attacks on animals were a huge problem and urged anyone with information to come forward.

“Thankfully these two cats survived, but they went through a horrific ordeal and they are extremely lucky to have a caring owner who got them to a vet for treatment.

“We need anyone with information about these attacks to come forward – please call our inspector information line on 0300 123 8018 and spare other animals from suffering.”