Royal day for Asda’s Hayley

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HAYLEY Radford was beaming as she met Prince William and Kate Middleton during their visit to Nottingham last month as part of the Queen’s Jubilee tour.

Hayley is well known in Ashfield for her role as Community Colleague at Sutton’s Asda store and she was invited to meet the royal couple because she is among the top four fundraisers in the region.

She met the royals at Vernon Park in Nottingham, which on the day was given protected status by Queen Elizabeth, who is patron of the Fields in Trust charity.

The charity is also supported by Hayley, who raises funds for Shetland Road Recreation Ground in Tibshelf.

Describing the visit, Hayley said: “It was brilliant. It was overwhelming.

“When I said I was Community Colleague for Asda in Sutton, Prince William said, ‘do I need to do this?’ and he tapped his pocket.

“He was talking about getting kids active and he was really down to earth.

“We just had a conversation and a giggle.”