Ron still spinning a mean ball at 100

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If you have ever wondered if it is worth packing in the fags and drinking in moderation then look no further than former Blidworth man George Ron Brelsford.

George, or Ron, as he is better known, had his 100th birthday last month and as you can see from the picture of him taken in May - he is still very much in his prime.

Ron was born and raised in Blidworth along with his two sisters by their maiden aunts after being orphaned.

The three lost their mother after she gave birth to her youngest child then their father due to the after-effects of being gassed in the First World War.

Ron’s son, Alan (66), who now lives in Bergerac, South West France, said: “Wherever he has gone and made contact he is described as a quiet and mild-mannered gent.

“He never smoked or drank and lived a very modest life.”

It was while being raised by his two aunts that Ron developed a talent for the piano as both were teachers. He is well known in Mansfield as a former member of Mansfield and District Male Voice Choir.

The centenarian now still enjoys singing and acting in an entertainment circle in New South Wales, Australia, where he emigrated to in 1970.

Ron worked at Rufford Colliery before upping sticks Down Under where he was a maintenance man for Avon Cosmetics.

Ron’s wife, Rainworth girl Gladys Toon, sadly died in 2002.

But Ron is still living life to the full, enjoying the company of lots of friends, playing table tennis and even bowls.

Alan said: “He is now in incredibly good health.

“When we last went to visit him he was out with us walking round big shopping malls.

“His 100th birthday was a fine celebration. His daughter and sons were present along with many extended family and friends.

“And he can still spin a mean ping-pong ball.”