Road to ruin: Highways in a real state

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The problem with roads is not just the potholes, all the roads in this area, Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Skegby Stanton Hill are in the most horrific state.

The MARR road, which has been down about 9 years is breaking up and will need resurfacing. There holes being generated around the drain covers and will wreck cars if they drive over them.

Pot holes that were filled in, about the middle of last year, are now pot holes again. If you are going to repair them, do it right.

The infrastructure of this country is in appalling condition and if it carries on being ignored, the consequences don’t bear thinking about, with roads closed for resurfacing, traffic jams worse than they are now.

What will be the cost to the economy? Purely and simply because the people responsible have got their heads buried in the sand.

Malcolm Hardy


What do YOU think? Are local roads fit for purpose or a pothole nightmare?

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