River of poppies to flow through Ollerton schools for Armistice

Sea of poppies
Sea of poppies

A vision for a ‘river of poppies throughout the schools’ is at the heart of a community wide project in Ollerton to commemorate the end of WW1.

Lisa Buckley, Children and Families Worker In the Parish of Ollerton with Boughton, asked almost every shop, business, and community group in the town to join in with the church to create a 'river of poppies'.

She said: “Some have decorated their own and some have provided us with a poppy. I am going to decorate Lloyds TSB and in return they are donating £25 to the poppy appeal.

"People have been very creative, we have a poppy made out of a tyre, a poppy made out of the bottoms of fire extinguishers and as you can see from the photo's the town is already looking great.

"This week there is a team of us decorating the town with the poppies.

"The residents in the community have also been great and people have been into the town council to pick up resources so they can make and contribute to the river.

"It's been a real blessing in how the community have come together.”

Experian and Center Park's offices are also taking part and decorating their building (Experian) and fence (Centre Parks).

Lisa has also been into three out of the four local schools to do an assembly and workshops to make poppies and has got the children to decorate a white stone with a drawing or messages of 'peace' and 'hope' for the future.

She added: “These will be handed out to the community at the service on Sunday 11th. The service will be the Act of Remembrance and then the peace and hope for the future.

"Children will be taking part, and members of the community. The Director of Lymm’s Funeral Care is doing the Bible reading and the head of the Dukeries Secondary School is reading a poem.

“It really has been - and still is - a project that has brought the community together and I know it will be something they remember for years to come and has been an incredible opportunity in which many contacts have made and relationships built.”