REVIEW: Showstopper! The Improvised Musical

A bonkers bonanza of entertainment, Showstopper! sees the creation of an entire musical in two hours by a cast of seven people.

After taking suggestions from the audience for setting and musical styles, the ensemble cleverly improvises an original plot along with a score of unique songs.

Inevitably, every show is going to end up with a different theme according to audience shout-outs. Last night’s madcap show was set in Pompeii and entitled ‘Some Like it Hot’. One audience member had suggested a musical set at Dudley Zoo and this was also wonderfully worked into the show (complete with immaculate brummy accents).

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Somehow the cast of six, plus the narrator, concocted scenes influenced by the audience’s choice of musicals such as Phantom of the Opera, Kinky Boots, Chicago and even the Book of Mormon, to unravel their devised story.

A whirlwind of pure fun from start to finish, it really was a joy to witness such talent and quick wit from each of the actors. It was easy to see how close they were and how much they enjoyed working together as they bounced off one another in an almost telekinetic fashion.

Something especially fantastic was the way in which the ensemble was able to collectively grasp a line and create a sing-along chorus no matter what was thrown at them.

Showstopper! is a unique, laugh-a-minute, high energy performance that demands to be seen.

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Get your tickets for tonight (21st) or tomorrow (22nd) at or by calling the box office on 0115 989 5555.

And remember when you book, you are actually buying tickets for a show that is yet to exist!

Review by Lucy Roberts.

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