Review over new parish council idea

COUNCIL bosses are considering creating a new parish council that will better meet the needs of residents living in the Langwith area.

Bolsover District Council has agreed to look into the possibility of making a new parish council for Langwith, Whaley Thorns, Upper Langwith and Langwith Junction, after a petition calling for a Community Governance Review into the issue - signed by more than 300 local people - was handed in.

The villages are currently served by Scarcliffe Parish Council but residents and organisations have requested the review because they do not feel the current arrangements meet their needs in terms of services and because of the natural geographical and social split in the area.

Many letters of support for the review have been sent into the district council from community groups and local figures.

Scarcliffe parish councillor James Palmer has been spearheading the move for the review, sending out letters about the idea to potentially interested parties.

He wrote: “This is something that has long been desired by many community activists within that area, myself included.”

In a letter sent to the district council, Scarcliffe Parish Council wrote that ‘full support’ was given to the suggestion that the ‘current boundaries represented by the parish do not best reflect the needs and requirements of the local community, and that splitting the parish would benefit all areas involved’.

District councillors have also expressed their support.

Coun Steve Fritchley wrote: “The proposed division of Scarcliife Parish Council would in my opinion resolve various long standing political and administrative issues surrounding the authority.”

Coun Sandra Peake also wrote to lend her support, while The Langwith Society and Langwith and Whaley Thorns Residents’ Association are among the groups in favour.

A specific working group will now be established by Bolsover District Council to move the request forward.

This will focus on consulting with people to get their views on what impact a new parish council would have on community cohesion in the areas concerned and the size, population and boundaries of any new parish council.

Deputy leader Coun Alan Tomlinson said: “We received a valid petition and have agreed to look into the possibility of establishing a new parish council for the Whaley Thorns and Langwith areas.

“Local Government is all about local people and throughout the process, we will be holding a series of public meetings and providing as much publicity information as possible so local people are kept informed and have the chance to give us their opinions and views.”

The review will take up to 12 months to complete and may lead to the establishment of a new parish council by April 2013.