Review of polling stations in Newark and Sherwood

Newark and Sherwood District Council is required to conduct a review of polling districts and polling places used for elections in the Newark and Sherwood Constituencies within the district.

A polling district is a geographical area created by the sub-division of an electoral area, such as a parliamentary constituency or a ward. As the relevant authority, the Council is responsible for designating polling districts, and must therefore ensure that all electors in the area have reasonable facilities for voting, as are practicable in the circumstances.

A polling place is a geographical location in which a polling station is situated. Although it is usual to have one polling station in one polling place, there are situations where several polling stations are located in one polling place.

The council is responsible for determining polling places and must make sure that the polling places are accessible to all electors, taking into account the accessibility needs of disabled people.

A polling station is the actual area in which the process of voting takes place and must be located in the polling place designated for the particular polling district. The polling station may consist of a whole room or in certain circumstances a designated area within a room or building. This is often a local school or village hall.

The (Acting) Returning Officer for the particular election is responsible for providing a sufficient number of polling stations and allotting electors to those polling stations.

More information is available through the council’s website -

Find the Polling Station Review quick link on the right-hand side of the front page where there’s information about the polling stations in each ward. The Polling Station Review Information gives further details of how you can submit representations and the review process.

The Council will consider all representations and a decision will be made on the proposals. Any changes will come into effect on December 1, 2011. Any elector in the district has until September 30 to make representations and must do so by email to