Revellers left in the dark after power cut at Mansfield nightclub

THE manager of Mansfield nightclub Wonderland has slammed electricity bosses after a power cut forced revellers to be evacuated from the venue in the early hours of Friday morning.

Jason Wiltshire says the Clumber Street club, formerly known as Liquid, was plunged into darkness at around 12.30am on Friday after electricity firm Western Power Distribution cut the power as part of ongoing maintenance work nearby.

After the power supply was cut, clubbers were left in the dark until the nightclub’s emergency lights were switched on and those inside were escorted from the building.

“The club was quite busy but about 12.30am we had to evacuate people from the club,” said Jason, ahead of the Bank Holiday weekend.

“The music went off and so did the lights, we had to put the emergency lights on and put the club into evacuation mode.

“It does not make sense why they would switch the power off at that time when so many bars and clubs are still open in the town centre, it seems that we were not the only business that was affected by it.

“They said it was an emergency but we were still given no written or verbal notification of it, we estimate that we have lost thousands of pounds and I’ll be seeking some compensation because of this.”

Jason says that Wonderland also published an apology to clubbers on their website but enjoyed a busy weekend of events.

A spokesman for Western Power Distribution apologised for the unexpected power cut and said the company would be contacting Wonderland bosses this week to resolve the problem.

“A car collided with one of our substations last week and meant that we had to carry out emergency repair work on the Thursday evening,” said the spokesman.

“It seems that while we were carrying out this repair work we inadvertently cut the power of Wonderland and we are sincerely sorry about this.

“We would like to apologise to everyone at the nightclub for the inconvenience caused and we will be contacting the management of Wonderland to speak to them about what happened.”