REVEALED: Top 5 speeding spots in Mansfield

More than 7,000 people were caught speeding in Mansfield over the last 12 months.

Speed camera on Sutton Road
Speed camera on Sutton Road

A Freedom of Information request to Nottinghamshire Police revealed that 7,606 drivers were caught going over the limit on roads in the town.

Here are the top locations - all with a 30 mph limit - where people were caught speeding in the last year:

5. On the A6009 Rosemary Street (between Sutton Road and Ladybrook Lane), 800 people were caught.

4. The A60 Nottingham Road (near Forest Road) saw 844 drivers over the speed limit.

3. The A6191 Southwell Road West, (between Berry Hill Lane and Windsor Road) camera caught 942 speedy drivers.

2. On the A60 Woodhouse Road (near Haddon Road), 1,031 people were overthe speed limit.

1. But the most notorious speeding hotspot in Mansfield, which caught almost 2,000 people in just 12 months, is the A38 Sutton Road (near Moor Lane).

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